This is serious tennis. The best four from Ballarat and Hobart slug it out annually, off scratch, for a cup named after a legend in each club. Now we know Ballarat has an appalling record against nearly every other club on earth … with no understanding whatsoever of the concept of home court advantage.  We have never won the Widmer-Bradfield Cup at either court. I don’t think we have ever won anything against Hobart at any level this decade. However in all fairness this has to be one of the strongest teams we have ever fielded. Daniel and Michael are down to single figure handicaps while Wayne and Mark are not far behind.

Daniel Williams beat Al Ramsay 5-6 6-1 6-4 6-3

WB 2013 - 1

Wayne Spring beat Graeme Bradfield 6-1 6-1

Michael Williams lost to Hilton Booth 4-6 3-6 6-3 2-6

Mark Hartnell lost to Jeremy Rackham2-6 6-2 5-6 3-6

Wayne Spring/Mark Hartnell beat Graeme Bradfield/Jeremy Rackham 6-2 6-5 6-2

Daniel & Michael Williams lost to Hilton Booth/Al Ramsay 5-6 6-4 3-6 6-5 6-1

WB 2013 -5

Well, well, well.  It ends 3 matches all and it came down to games with Ballarat winning 84-66. Wayne Spring is in sensational form winning both his games … as indeed did Hilton Booth for the Tasmanians. The last game was an epic with the Williams Bros losing in five but ensuring the win overall. Congratulations to everyone for such great tennis … and we finally have a cup for the empty trophy cabinet. Bring on Sydney we are now finally ready for them.

WB 2013 - 4

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