I’ve heard of the Olympic Games and the Commonwealth Games … but what’s this all about? I hope they don’t try to kill each other like they do in the Hunger Games. Well John McClure had something to do with teaching … so he should know and so he did. Seems in the September school holidays teachers do a sort of reverse version of schoolies week and head off for sport and fun somewhere in the state. Ballarat was the destination this year and indeed it will be again next year. John tells me around 2500 teachers turned up and played everything from croquet to bowls during the day and then partied all night. Sounds great and I thought they marked exam papers all holidays.

Teachers Games 1

I don’t think we really knew how big an opportunity this was so we just stuck tennis on the list of sports available and waited to see what would happen. On the first day a few players came around and tried it out. On the last day we got a whole bunch of teachers from Wonthaggi keen to learn. Brett organised them into a round robin and also organised a few uni sports students to help out and it was a huge success with the court and the bar busy all day.  I don’t think they will build their own court in Wonthaggi but hopefully they will tell their friends and we’ll get a bigger crowd next year.

Teachers Games 2

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