Lots of year end matches and practice for the Boomerang Cup going on as we near the holiday season.

BTC A Grade Pennant Grand Final November 2013
Peter Dunn defeated Jo Edwards 6/4 6/4

2013 Ballarat Open Handicap Singles Grand Final November 2013
Ben Faull defeated Mark Hartnell 3/6 6/4/6/4

Boomerang Cup Practice Matches Oct – Nov 2013
Peter Dunn/Bruce Christie defeated Mark Hartnell/John Faull 8/6
John McClure/Jim Stephen lost to Steve Wright/Ben Faull 1/8
Peter Dunn/John McClure defeated Mark Hartnell/Steve Wright 8/1
Bruce Christie/Jim Stephen defeated John Faull/Ben Faull 8/6
Peter Dunn/Bruce Christie defeated 8/4
Jim Stephen/John McClure defeated Paul Williams/Stuart Strange 8/0
lost to Pal Williams/Rod Unmack 3/8
Jim Stephen/Bruce Christie defeated Stuart Strange/Rod Unmack 8/7
Peter Dunn/ Greg Henderson defeated Will Hoskin/Jo Edwards 8/3
Bruce Christie/John McClure lost to Mick Fenelon/ Ben Faull 4/8
Jim Stephen/ John McClure defeated Will Hoskin ? Ben Faull 8/5

2013 Individual Pennant September 2013
Steve McArdle defeated Rohan Bryan 5/6 6/4 6/4

BTC v MCC October 2013
Peter Dunn/Rob Jolly lost to Owen Guest/Mike Carroll 2/9
Bruce Christie/Ian Chambers defeated Greg Reid/Malcolm Rogers 9/1
Peter Dunn/Bruce Christie lost to Owen Guest/Greg Reid 8/9
Rob Jolly/ Robert Lagerberg defeated Mike Carroll/ Malcolm Rogers 9/8
Ballarat wins 2/28 to 2/27

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