Three was probably the third number invented … but only if you don’t count zero as a number. It’s an historic number … the three wise men brought frankincense, gold and myrrh to Jesus. Their modern equivalents Katter, Oakeshott and Windsor brought the national broadband network and other precious gifts to their electorates. So it was that three athletes Michael Williams, Daniel Williams and Wayne Spring came to compete for the Victorian Amateur Singles. It was a small field and all Ballarat-based but it oozed quality.

While three is seen as a lucky number by the Chinese it’s not so lucky in tennis competitions. Two is the traditional number that play a singles final. Now it’s technically possible with James Cameron, special effects and 3D technology for three players to play a final … but it’s not going to happen in a traditional sport like royal tennis. It’s a pity however … it would be quite a sight to see the dedans full of spectators wearing 3D glasses, Brett yelling out multiple scores and Paul William’s video camera trying to keep up with all the games.

So we resorted to old 2D technology and played a round robin to decide our champion. The matches went as the handicaps would predict and Daniel Williams 2/18 won from Wayne Spring 1/13 and Michael Williams 0/9. It was tennis of the highest class and in the end Daniel won another title. Congratulations but unfortunately no frankincense, gold or myrrh for the winner … just the honour and an ARTA medal.

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