Good gracious me … a Hobart team turns up in Ballarat in the right month in the right year to play for the Cone Cup. Normally they are as unreliable as a Speaker’s taxi voucher. They even brought the Cone Cup with them … though it beats me how they got it past the x-rays and luggage checkers. Maybe they don’t expect Tasmanians wielding a large silver trophy to hijack the plane. Good on them we have only won the Cup once in the last ten years and then they forgot to bring it.

Cone Cup 2012 1

Saturday April 21

Andrew Pipkorn/Robert Lagerberg v Tony Barrett/Ray Brown 3/8 Hobart
Greg Henderson/Rob Jolly v Michael Short/Alex Colbert 5/8 Hobart
Bruce Christie v Jeremy Rackham 8/7 Ballarat
Andrew Pipkorn/Greg Henderson v Tony Barrett/Michael Short 7/8 Hobart
Rob Jolly/Stuart Strange v Ray Brown/Jeremy Rackham 8/3 Ballarat
Stuart Strange v Alex Colbert 4/8 Hobart
Bruce Christie/Peter Dunn v Tony Barrett/Jeremy Rackham 8/5 Ballarat
Peter Dunn/Greg Reid v Alex Colbert/Ray Brown 1/8 Hobart
Greg Reid v Michael Short 7/8 Hobart
Rob Jolly/Peter Dunn v Jeremy Rackham/Alex Colbert 8/3 Ballarat
Jim Stephen/Bruce Christie v Ray Brown/Michael Short 8/1 Ballarat
Greg Reid v Tony Barrett 0/8 Hobart

Cone Cup 2012 2

Sunday April 22

Rob Jolly/Andrew Hall v Tony Barrett/Alex Colbert 7/8 Hobart
Bruce Christie/Andrew Hall v Michael Short/Jeremy Rackham 8/3 Ballarat
Tony Cree v Ray Brown 1/8 Hobart
John McClure v Tony Barrett 1/8 Hobart
John McClure/Richie Robinson v Alex Colbert/Michael Short 8/7 Ballarat
Rob Jolly/Richie Robinson v Jeremy Rackham/Ray Brown 8/6 Ballarat
Bill Hutcheson v Alex Colbert 2/8 Hobart
Ian Dowman v Michael Short 2/8 Hobart
Rob Jolly v Jeremy Rackham 8/6 Ballarat
Bill Hutcheson v Ray Brown 7/8 Hobart

Hobart retains the Cone Cup 14 matches to 10.

Bruce Christie is judged Ballarat’s MVP with 4/4 and wins a HSU credit card to use wherever he sees fit. There is an honourable mention to Richie Robinson with 2/2. As usual Rob Jolly punishes his dodgy shoulder and hips ending up with a credible 4/6 record over both days. Congratulations to the Hobart quintet of Tony, Ray, Michael, Alex and Jeremy. Thanks for coming up and we hope our call to Jet Star warning them of cup wielding madmen returning to Tasmania was not taken as sour grapes.

Cone Cup 2012 3

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