Alison and Jon Dugdale have been popular stalwarts of BTC for the last six or so years. Reliable participants in every aspect of the Club … they specialised in anything that combined tennis, alcohol and fun, and not necessarily in that order. Apart from this, Jon is renowned for his monumental contributions to the swear jar during pennant while Alison is a long suffering member of the club’s management committee. At every committee meeting Ian Chambers would comment that we were spending too much money on the women’s change room and wait for Alison’s predictable explosion. Anyway they are leaving us … alas they are in the mining game and the opportunity to return to Perth to run a new gold mining company cannot be ignored. Fortunately we will be holding two of their children as educational hostages over here so I’m sure we’ll still see lots of them in the future.

DD Doubles

We had to have a tournament and a party to celebrate their departure and so it was. The tournament was a ramshackle series of short doubles matches, everybody playing with everybody else with Annie Strange mysteriously selected winner at the end. Then it was a BBQ featuring the fine offerings of the social committee with a special thank you to the Stranges for their contribution.  Finally the farewell presentation and it was a logical progression from Two Dugdales to Double D’s to a farewell plaque featuring a pornstar’s bra decorated with a tennis ball. Got quite a laugh … and quite a bit of creepy fondling as the night and drinking went on. Adieu Double D’s we’ll miss you.

W. Hoskin/S. Strange defeated J. Dugdale/J. Edwards 5/3

A. Strange/A. Dugdale drew with J. Murphy/M. Hoskin 4/4

P. Dunn/R. Jolly defeated J. Dugdale/A. Dugdale 4/1

W. Hoskin/M. Hoskin lost to A. Strange/J. Murphy 1/7

J. Edwards/P. Dunn defeated R. Jolly/S. Strange 6/0

P. Dunn/J. Dugdale defeated J. Murphy/A. Dugdale 3/2

M. Hoskin/A. Strange defeated R. Jolly/J. Edwards 4/2

W. Hoskin/A. Dugdale defeated P. Dunn/S. Strange 4/2

J. Dugdale/J. Murphy lost to M. Hoskin/R. Jolly 2/3

J. Edwards/W. Hoskin defeated S. Strange/A.Stange5/2

P. Dunn/M. Hoskin lost to A. Dugdale/R. Jolly 2/4

W. Hoskin/J. Murphy drew with J. Edwards/. Strange 2/2

J. Dugdale/S. Strange defeated P. Dunn/W. Hoskin 3/2

Winner: Annie Strange Runner-up: Rob Jolly

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