It seems two of the finest gentlemen’s clubs in Melbourne have a regular seeing-to on the royal tennis court competing for the Dawson Cup. The matches were spread over the entire weekend of 23-24 October with dinner at The Ballarat Club. Now I may not be a gentleman or know who Dawson was but I do know both clubs were most welcome … this is the third time they have played here. It must be serious because BTC and Melbourne Club member Tony Cree is believed to have practised. He even forsook his untrusty warped Henry VIII replica racquet for something modern with strings that worked. It didn’t do much good though with the Savage Club living up to its name and trouncing the Melbourne Club 13/5.

The results with The Melbourne Club team on the left were:
Wheeler/Cornish lost to Barker/Buchanan 4/7
Mason/McNab lost to Willingham/Sear 3/10
Edwards/Cree lost to Bird/Blomquist 3/6
McNab/Rayward lost to McCahey/Link 0/8
Cree/John beat Weber/Blomquist 6/3
Wheeler/Mason beat Barker/Sear 7/3
Cornish/Edwards lost to Willingham/Buchanan 4/6
Cree/Rayward lost to Blomquist/McCahey 3/5
McNab/John lost to Bird/Sear 2/7
Rayward/Mason lost to Weber/Link 3/7
Wheeler/Edwards beat Buchanan/McCahey 8/2
Cornish/John lost to Barker/Weber 4/7
Cornish/Brunhuber beat Willingham/Buchanan 6/4
Wheeler/McNab lost to Link/Bird 2/7
Mason/Edwards drew with Sear/Blomquist 5/5
Rayward/John lost to McCahey/Link 3/8
McNab/Cree lost to Weber/Bird 2/10
Mason/Rayward beat Barker/Blomquist 10/1
Brunhuber/Wheeler lost to Sear/Willingham 6/7

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