Sydney Real Tennis Club Fundraising

Dear Members,

Many of you will know the remarkable story of the Sydney Real Tennis Club, which has operated for the past 17 years without a court. The Sydney teams that travel interstate each year are always enthusiastic and often surprisingly competitive.

A dedicated committee in Sydney has been working tirelessly to find a place to build a new court.

They have now reached out to the Real Tennis community to ask for our help with the last major hurdle – securing the not insubstantial funding required to build the court.

So why should BTC members support this request? Clearly this is something for each of you to decide, but if you have the financial means to help and are considering it, here are some thoughts:

• A court in Sydney will be a significant boost to the growth of the game in Australia and attract new players into the game
• It would open up new possibilities for BTC members to play when in Sydney
• This would be the first court to be built in Australia for 25 years
• It will not happen without the support of all of us who love the game

The enclosed flyer provides all the relevant details about how you can contribute to the building of this court.

I encourage you to support this important initiative.
Warm Regards
Timothe LamontPresident – Ballarat tennis Club

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  • Chris Cooper Posted March 4, 2022 3:51 pm

    Thanks for your Support Tim!

    Chris Cooper, SRTC

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