I know SPS stands for Stephen Pasture Seeds, a long term sponsor of the Club. It’s singles this year though traditionally it has been doubles. Now with all the trouble with Indonesia I suddenly had this concern it was also the initials of the Indonesian President. We had offended him enough by tapping his phone … it would be inflammatory to suggest he had a handicap as well. I’d better google it immediately.

Phew the president is SBY … but there in SPS between the Somali Postal Service and the Scottish Prison System was Stiff Person Syndrome. Now that’s an intriguing name that could take you a number of places. Sadly it’s an incurable very rare neurological disease of unknown origin causing increasing rigidity of axial muscles … that’s a handicap indeed. I was too squeamish and disappointed to read on … but at least we hadn’t offended the President.

Unaware of my concerns and disappointment three groups played some good tennis over the weekend. Old hands Robert and Nathan had good wins but it was particularly pleasing to see newcomer Adam win his section. Congratulations to all and thanks to Jim and Irene Stephen for the sponsorship.

Group A: Robert Lagerberg 3/21 won from Peter Dunn 2/14, Bruce Christie 1/17
Group B: Adam Phillips 3/24 won from David Moyle 2/20, Malcolm Rogers 1/19, Rod Unmack 0/3
Group C: Nathan Baker 3/24 won from Julian Sunter 1/17, Stuart Stranger 1/16, Cathy Faull 1/15

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