SPS Doubles – A summary by Rod Unmack

Rod & Will against the girls – Wilma and Annie … Handicap was tough – Owe 40, Receive 30, One Serve, Ban Tambour handicap …

Interestingly, the scoring for went exactly the same for the 2 sets.  We jumped to a 2/0 lead, they won the next 7 for 2/7, we then won the next making it 3/7, and they won the next & last making it 3/8.  Exactly the same both times !!!

Bruce Christie & Stuart Strange from Group B

Bruce Christie & Stuart Strange from Group B

Doug & Tim against Wilma and Annie … Handicap was even tougher – Owe 15, Receive 30, One Server, Ban Tambour, Ever chase 3-4 or better, can’t win chases via Hazard Chase …

Critical that Doug and Tim kept the service end. They were down 7/1 in their first set against the girls, but got the service end back, and into a bit of rhythym to get the score back to 7/6 (if I remember correctly), to unfortunately lose the service end, so have the hit better than 3-4 chase come back into play, which made it difficult for them.  Their 2nd set had the largest handicap applied (you mightened be able to include this) … but Wilma said that if Doug served any railroads to her, she wasn’t getting fed or any sex for a month.

Rod & Will against Doug & Tim … Handicap was essentially Level, with Doug and Tim owing a half 15 …

First set, Rod & Will got off to a cracking start to be 5/1 up.  Doug & Tim rallied, Rod & Will faultered a little, with the scores going something like 5/2, 5/3, 6/3, 6/4, 7/4, 7/5, 7/6 – but Rod & Tim held there nerve and won the next game to win 8/6.  The 2nd set was even closer – Doug and Tim began more strongly winning the first game, and games were pretty level all the way up to 7/7.  Rod & Will did have a match point which they weren’t able to capiltalise on.  In the all important 15th game, it got to Duece / Advantage-All, and Rod was serving to Doug – Unfortunately an ordinary serve, which Doug had a right crack at.  Luckily for us, it cause the net ribbon and stayed on their side, so Rod & Will were relieved to be awarded victory 8/7.

So of course the girls winning all their sets were the winners for the day … so now maybe their handicap will come down to something that better represents their ability – many of the serves by Annie put any opposition under quite a lot of pressure.

Again though … much fun and a lot of laughs were had, so tennis was the winner yet again.

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