SPS aka Stephen Pasture Seeds is pretty much the oldest sponsor of a club tournament. Jim Stephen, club director, ex president and deadly volleyer is most famous for the dark glove he wears when playing his tennis. Some say his hand was scarred by too much pre-emergent herbicide, some say he is in the black power movement … other theories are less charitable but more plausible.

Now Jim decided to retire and a few years ago sold the business but stayed on as a consultant or some such lurk. Clearly he gets too much money and for the second year in a row Jim didn’t compete in his own tournament. Turns out he and Irene have been over in Europe spending the old self managed superannuation fund. He tells me he could have bought Greece cheaply but found out there are no royal tennis courts there.

Group A: Mick Fenelon/Jon Dugdale 3/29 won from Stuart & Annie Strange 3/27, Alistair & Sarah Reed 0/7
Group B: John Faull/ Peter Dunn 4/32 won from Liam Stringer/ Ben Faull 2/28, Tom Parker/ Ian Dowman 0/16
Group C: Alison Dugdale/ Steve McArdle 4/32 won from Tony & Charlie Cree 2/19, Rob Jolly/ Bill Hutcheson 0/15

The Dugdales split up and with new improved partners takeout prizes in two sections. John Faull and Peter Dunn show their young opponents what good doubles play is all about. The Crees fresh from their amazing win in the 2010 Men’s Doubles are bought back to reality. Congratulations to all the winners. Jim says he is planning to play next year … unless he has second thoughts on that Greece offer.

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