I’ve always been ambivalent about silver. The stuff turns black, is worth about one percent of gold and worst still is used to make silver medals … those runner –up, second, not first medals. Yet on the other hand it’s the most conductive and the most reflective element in the Periodic Table … and the irony of a gold medal in these categories is not lost on me. Furthermore a silver medal means there’s only one person on the planet better than you and over seven billion worse than you … hardly a tragedy I would think.

However when Australia won 16 silver and only 7 gold medals in the last Olympics, it became a national tragedy. Brett has been asked to address improvement and thinks he’s found an elegant solution. He is testing it at BTC where he is sponsoring a tournament for silver medallists with the winner getting a gold medal. After a few years of this competition he says the silver problem will be solved and we can move onto the bronze problem. Well done Brett … both elegant and crackpot. The government is now asking him for help getting legislation through the Senate.

Group A: Will Hoskin 4/28 won from Cora Trevarthen 2/20, Malcolm Rogers 0/17
Group B: Pat Hamilton 2/23 won from Chris Alizzi 2/22, Tim Baker 2/20, Chengdu Pham 0/10
Group C: Matthew Dunn 3/20 won from Doug Grant 2/15, Stuart Strange 1/17

The elegant solution is sped up with three groups and three gold medals to Will, Pat and Matthew. Congratulations guys … Australia is a happier place for your wins.

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