In a tragedy that shook the nation Australia won only 7 gold medals at the London Olympics … putting us behind Hungary and equal to Kazakhstan. However if you look at silver medals it was another story. Our 16 medals put us in our rightful 6th place in the silver count … smashing Kazakhstan with their 1 pathetic medal. Lamentably we were still being behind Great Britain. So silver is the new gold and will become our speciality. We are already in training to improve on 16 silver medals for the Rio Games 2016. The Club is always proactive and has sponsored a tournament to select members suitable for silver medal prospects.

Section A: Chengde Pham 3/24 won from Annie Strange 2/21, Steve McArdle 1/21, Rachel McKay 0/19
Section B: Rob Jolly 3/20 won from Will Hoskin 2/20, Rod Unmack 1/16
Section C: David Hay 2/22 won from Alastair Reed 2/21, Cathy Faull 2/20, Steve Yung 0/10

Great to see some new faces … clearly the chance of a silver medal has enormous appeal. Winner of the first section Chengde is a medical student doing his training in Ballarat and has just joined our Club. It was great to see him win his first tournament. Section B Grade winner Rob Jolly already has many silver medals in the trophy room but will never say no to more. Another relative newcomer David Hay wins the third section. This was an interesting group … Alastair Reed aka The Panther, Cathy Faull who hasn’t been around for a while and I hear is pregnant while I don’t recall Steve playing in a tournament before. Congratulations to all the winners … our training for silver in Rio is off to a good start.

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