Every year I like to speculate what SAS stands for. This year I googled it and found “SAS Zombie Assault” at the top of the list. I don’t mind zombies; in fact I used to work with a lot of them. I love the thought of the living dead lurking in the back of Stu Strange’s work van out in Larter Street about to invade the tennis court. I hope the players in this tournament were ready since zombies are notoriously difficult to kill. Though not as effective as a chainsaw I reckon a good whack with a racquet over their heads would do it. Anyway I congratulate all the survivors of such a great event.

Chengde Pham 3/24 won from David Hay 2/20, Bruce Christie 1/19, Greg Henderson 0/19
Tanya Baker 3/30 won from Annie Strange 3/29, Ian Seddon 0/16
Michele Hoskin 3/24 won from Tim Lamont 1/22, Mick Fenelon 1/18, Nathan Baker 1/14
Will Hoskin 3/24 won from Malcolm Rodgers 2/19, Michael Bardsley 1/19, Rob Jolly o/10

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