Crikey it’s been bloody cold … everyone playing on the weekend appreciated that jumbo heater Stuart Strange’s SAS AIR installed next to the scorer’s chair. The darn thing is so powerful that it’s rumoured it will be specifically mentioned in the Government’s Carbon Tax Legislation … that’s if we ever see it. The Greens despise it, Tony Abbott ignores it and Origin Energy budgets for it. First time I’ve seen members wanting to score … dare I say they warmed to SAS’s sponsorship of the event.

Section A: Will Hoskin 4/32 won from Bruce Christie 1/25, Ben Winter 1/23
Section B: Alison Dugdale 3/24 won from Jon Dugdale 2/18, Tim Lamont 1/18, Rod Unmack 0/14
Section C: Tom Parker 3/24 won from Wendy Whitehead 2/20, Ian Dowman 1/14, Bill Hutcheson 0/8

Congratulations on convincing wins to Will, Alison and Tom all of whom have been playing well. The mystery was where were sponsors Stu and Annie Strange? They’ve never been adverse to playing in and especially winning their own tournament. Our investigative reporters established last year that SAS stood for Strange and Stranger … no other explanation will do for now.

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