President Stu and his plumbing business sponsor this nice little tournament which is very well patronised.

Group A: Mick Fenelon 2/16 won from Rod Unmack 1/12, Steve McArdle 0/6, Paul Williams 0/5
Group B: Stuart Strange 3/24 won from Jo Edwards 2/22, Ian Chambers 1/14, Rob Jolly 0/11
Group C: Bruce Christie won from Laura LeMarshall 2/20, Matthew Dunn 1/18, Dean Cinque 1/18
Group D: Tonya Spencer 3/24 won from Luke Spencer 1/14, Alex Strange 0/7, Phil Roberts 0/2

Four groups participate with wins to Mick, Stuart, Bruce and Tonya. Our president follows a long tradition of taking out his own tournament. Congratulations everyone.

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