Did you see that documentary last week on SBS … “SAS – The Search for Warriors”? This was how the programme was described. “Using the toughest military selection course in the world they are looking for the right type of solider for the SAS. This is a search for warriors. Candidates from the cream of the military attempt the brutal 21-day trial. Most will never finish. First the candidates are subjected to constant and crushing physical exercise and torturous sleep deprivation. Their bodies are broken down – next it is their minds.”

So as part of this brutal programme the cream of BTC played their hearts out in this SAS tournament. Bodies were indeed broken … Rob’s actually before he started, the rest over time. The minds of most of this bunch were not so hot to begin with anyway … so we couldn’t detect much difference. Three warriors emerged … Rohan, Mathew, Robert … the elite of the elite. So now they are off to Afghanistan where they’ll face new challenges.

Rohan Pipkorn 4/24 wins from Annie Strange 2/20, John Link 0/9
Mathew Dunn 3/22 wins from Rob Jolly 1/15, Peter Dunn 1/15
Robert Lagerberg 2/21 wins from Doug Grant 2/16, Rob Jolly 2/16

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