18/19 JULY 2009


Power products … I just love the thought of them. I imagine sitting on the biggest John Deere ride-on mower and mowing the backyard in 15 seconds. As for chainsaws … I believe they are man’s highest achievement. I dare not visit Gisborne or I would have to go and build a shed to house all the stuff I’d buy.


Elizabeth Williams & Rod Unmack win from David Stagg & John Link and Tony & Charlie Cree


Elizabeth has to do something …what with Paul over in England having a good time at Lords. So she finds herself a new partner and they win themselves a round robin. Mind you David had been drinking the output of his new cidery at Daylesford while Tony Cree insists on using a racquet Henry VIII found too old and warped.


Sam Clarke & Will Hoskin win from Jon & Alison Dugdale and Cathy Faull & Phil Roberts


Yet more prizes for Sam and Will … young talented people should have their handicaps adjusted downwards every five minutes. Mind you the Dugdales were probably still hung over from the Hobart Trip on the previous weekend. The section was thrown into disarray when Andrew Hall, the tournament sponsor, had to pullout ill at the last minute. Fortunately the elderly Ian Dowman, always good for an injury or two, also pulled out and so evened the numbers. The talented juniors were especially relieved that the main threat to their victory was gone.

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