You know I’ve never asked if SAS stands for Stuart and Annie Strange, or if Stu’s middle name is Algernon or if he was once a member of the Special Air Services? I’d like to think it’s all three. Whatever it stands for, it was sure nice to sit under the SAS heaters over this cold weekend and watch some good tennis being played.

Section A

Robert Lagerberg 3 sets, David Ward 2 sets, Charlie Cree 1 set, Sam Clarke 0 sets

Robert wins again showing his infamous victory in the Anzac Day Round Robin was no fluke.

Section B

Rohan Bryan 4 sets, Cathy Faull 2 sets, Annie Strange 0 sets

Rohan wins but shows he’s no gentleman as far as the ladies are concerned. Never mind Cathy who has a trophy room full of previous wins but crikey Rohan, Annie is a sponsor of the tournament.

Section C

Matthew Dunn 4 sets, Michael Williams 3 sets, Ian Dowman 2 sets, Will Hoskin 1 set, Greg Henderson 0 sets

Matt wins his thousandth tournament in a row with not even the red hot form of Michael Williams good enough on the day. This section runs so late that Dowman and Henderson miss happy hour.

Section D

Greg Rowe 3 sets, Jon Dugdale 2 sets, Alison  Dugdale 1 set, Jenni Murphy 0 sets

Promising newcomer Greg wins while barely conceding a gane … watch Brett butcher that handicap Greg.

Section E

Bill Hutcheson 4 sets, Mick Fenelon 2 sets, Bruce Christie 0 sets

The old stager wins his first round robin since he took up the sport during the Great Depression…

Thanks Stu and Annie for a great tournament.

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