Twelve groups entailing 99 games played between the start of the year and the finals weekend. Now 99 games … that’s 250 I’ll ring you backs, 500 messages, 750 unanswered calls, 1000 excuses, 1500 reschedules. Only an organizational genius such as Brett could pull off the logistics … they say if he’d been running D Day the Second World War would have finished a year earlier. On the other hand if Brett was running D Day he’d now be 101 years old … and I might have a chance of winning a game or two against him.

E Grade Handicap

Brett Howard won from Allison Dugdale in 3 close sets. Young Brett trains by first playing a soccer match and then coming over from Romsey. It’s not fair Alison.

D Grade Handicap

Rod Unmack beat Terry McDonough in a dramatic 3 sets. At set point in the first set Rod serves his first demi-pique for the match and aces to win it. At set point in the second set he double faults to lose it. Talk about service jitters …still he wins the 3rd and gets his first entry on a winner’s plaque.

C Grade Handicap

Jeremy Johnson wins in a hard fought 3 sets over Greg Armstrong. Greg’s been playing really well. Jeremy can’t be present for the presentations since he’s having dinner with the PM at a function on Monday night … did you ask him about Utegate and show him your trophy Jeremy?

B Grade Handicap

Aaron Fitzpatrick masters the ever competitive John Zulic in 3 sets. Aaron has been over in China training and holidaying for the last 3 weeks and has obviously picked up the Orient Express Railroad Serve.

A Grade Handicap

Daniel Williams wins over David Parker in 2 sets. I think a first for Daniel in beating David in this sort of competition. I hear the balls were groveling for mercy at the end of their pummeling.

Masters Handicap

Jeremy Johnson beats Mick Fenelon in 2 sets …his second win for the weekend and the sure sign of a bandit handicap. Interestingly the Masters has the biggest and toughest field of any of the groups … what’s that say about the club’s demographics?

Junior Handicap

Daniel Williams versus Sam Clarke … David and Goliath … except David had a slingshot whereas Sam had a 45 point handicap difference. I think that means Daniel plays blindfolded. Anyway Sam won in a terrific 3 sets … well done Sam, enjoy it … one day soon you’ll have to play me in a blindfold.

Ladies B Grade Handicap Singles

Stephanie Williams won in 3 close sets over the rapidly improving Alison Dugdale … Alison’s second runner up spot on the weekend… Sorry Alison, with Daniel losing the Juniors, the Williams Family had fallen behind winning half the competition.

Ladies A Grade Handicap Singles

Jo Edwards wins over Cathy Faull in 2 sets. Jo has a poor record against higher handicaps in this sort of thing so she’s very pleased. Cathy gets revenge in the Doubles so she’s very pleased. Two pleased ladies!

Mixed Doubles Club Championship

David Parker and Wendy Whitehead win comfortably in 2 sets over John Faull and Jo Edwards. Just as in the Women’s Doubles Jo believes if she matches her problem elbow with someone with a problem leg all will be well … same outcome unfortunately.

Women’s Doubles Club Championship

The determined Wendy Whitehead/Cathy Faull combo wins in 3 over Jo Edwards/Jenni Murphy. The pharmaceutical industry just didn’t have enough drugs for Jo’s tennis elbow and Jenni’s knee … but then it’s a brave soul that gets between Wendy and a trophy. Great match for the many spectators.

Menes Doubles Club Championship

As good a match as you could hope for … Daniel and Paul Williams over John Faull and David Parker in 4 sets running over 2 hours. A very recent knee operation slowed John but didn’t affect his classic stroke play. Daniel and David tried to outsmash each other and Paul yelled a lot of ‘yours’ to his partner. It was a fitting finale to a great weekend of tennis.

Most Improved Player Award

The presentations also acknowledged Michael Williams. From C grade just recently to a handicap of 27 and 5th ranking in the Club … bye bye Dad, watch out Daniel!

The after awards party continued till early morning as the wine flowed, the victors celebrated and the injured self medicated. Read Brett’s gossip column in the next Grille for all the scandalous news on what went on. Brett has published the detailed results in another link below.

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