There is something streamlined and efficient about a pharmacy retailer sponsoring a tennis tournament. Instead of playing in the tournament and going to the pharmacy for pain killers, icepacks and crutches … the pharmacy comes to you. It’s sort of like Barry Hall buying an apartment next to the Match Review Panel to save on needless travel time. Mind you if that fullback from North Melbourne comes across Barry in a dark alley he’d be wishing Priceline Pharmacy was nearby. Anyway back to the weekend which was as usual played in two sections for above and below 45 handicaps.

A Grade
Rod Unmack 3 sets 24 games wins from Bill Hutcheson 1/18, Rob Jolly 1/17 and Kale Marnica 1/17

Rod Unmack moves into A Grade for the first time but throws the group into chaos when he announces he may not have permission to play. Ever ready for bizarre requests Brett prepares a draw with and without him. A confused Bill, Rob and Kale are easy meat for Rod when he eventually turns up. Brett says in future he will prepare a series of draws on the basis that every one in the group may or may not have permission to play.

B Grade
Jon Dugdale 2 sets 16 games wins from Tim Lamont 0/2 with Alison Dugdale withdrawing injured
Aly Watson 4 sets 32 games wins from Charlie Cree 1/23 and Jon Watson 1/14

Alison Dugdale needs all the pain killers, icepacks and crutches Priceline has to offer as she injures her knee and has to withdraw. This leaves the way open for husband Jon to win the group. In the other section Aly Watson comfortably beats dad and Charlie. Jon learns the valuable lesson of never playing offspring if they have a seven as the first digit in their handicap.

Congratulations Rod, Jon and Aly and thanks Priceline for the support.

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