David Goldsmith is a Director of the Club, a founding member and was a very fine player in our early years. Unfortunately he no longer plays but still has a keen interest in the sport. He was recently in London where he visited the National Portrait Gallery and has sent us this interesting report.

“You and many members will be familiar with Australia’s most popular portrait competition for the Archibald Prize where 41 of the top portraits are judged and go on tour, most recently shown at the Tarrawarra Gallery in the Yarra Valley. Well the UK equivalent to the Archibald is the BP prize which is currently on show on London. Of the 53 finalists chosen from thousands of entries was a portrait of Rob Fahey. In case you or club members have not seen it I have attached photos and one of its caption”

Rob Fahey 1

So if you are heading to London to escape the Ballarat gloom … look it up before you head off to Hampton Court for a hit. Thanks David.

Rob Fahey 2

Rob Fahey 3

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