So we have a match where MCC, a Club With No Court plays at Romsey, a Court With No Club against BTC, a Club With A Court they can’t beat anyone on. Yipes we’re officially in Bizarre-o-land … look at the current Victorian Parliament where we can’t have two Parties, a speaker, a Shaw and a majority all in the same place at the one time? At least at Romsey they have a vineyard which is about the only solution I can see to the Victorian parliamentary process.

Russ Middleton /Will Fowles defeated Rod Unmack/Andrew Hall 8-5
Will Fowles/Ralph Wilson lost to Cora Trevanthan/Richie Robinson 5-8
Andrew Gould/Steve Wood lost to Will Hoskin/Greg Reid 6-8
Will Fowles/Mary Wilson defeated Richie Robinson/Andrew Hall 8-7
Russ Middleton/Ralph Wilson lost to Rod Unmack/ Cora Trevanthan 5-8
Steve Wood/Mary Wilson defeated Greg Reid/Richie Robinson 8-7
Andrew Gould/Ralph Wilson lost to Will Hoskin/ Cora Trevanthan 4-8
Mary Wilson/Ralph Wilson defeated Greg Reid/Rod Unmack 8-7
Andrew Gould/Steve Wood lost to Will Hoskin/Rod Unmack 4-8

Well, well, well … BTC wins 5/66 to MCC 4/56 and it was dignified, friendly and fun … the benefits of have a vineyard close-bye are obvious. Using the political connections of the MCC a planting of a pinot noir in the Treasury Gardens should now be organised and this would solve the current impasse. Anyway more importantly BTC wins and just like the Australian Cricket Team we are on the move. Will Hoskin and Cora Trevanthan win all their matches and hopes are now high we can now beat another team on our home court. Well done BTC.

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