One of the great developments in the game has been the existence of teams without courts. Sydney of course had a court but mislaid it so it is encouraging that they still exist as a club. MCC exists within the frame work of their many sporting activities other than footy and cricket. Both clubs may eventually get their own courts but in the meantime they are always welcome in Ballarat.

Yvonne Rout/Rob Falconer lost to Mike Fitzgerald/Eddie Fazal 5-8
Peter Dunn/Rob Jolly lost to James Willis/Richard Fawcett 7-8
Peter Dunn/Rob Falconer lost to James Willis/Brian Robertson 5-8
Rob Jolly/Yvonne Rout lost to Brian Robertson/Mike Fitzgerald 7-8
Fred Kininmonth/Peter Dunn lost to Sav Cremona/James Willis 6-8
Rob Jolly/Greg Reid defeated Richard Fawcett/Eddie Fazal 7-4
Fred Kininmonth/Greg Reid defeated Sav Cremona/Mike Fitzgerald 7-5
Greg Reid/Rob Falconer lost to Mike Fitzgerald/Brian Robertson 4-7
Fred Kininmonth/Yvonne Rout defeated Sav Cremona/Richard Fawcett 5-4

The Sydney team wins 6-3 and as you would expect a good time was had by all.

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