Is he a marketing genius or a crazy man? I think we know … Ian Chambers arranges for his Lamanz menswear shop to sponsor a tournament on the same weekend as Father’s Day. Given the deplorable quality of Mr Chamber’s French I believe he calls it Lapapaz Day. Mind you he needs to be careful; the French invade countries for lesser affronts to their language. Anyway he tempts us all with the extravagant prize of a night at the Creswick Novotel, dinner, breakfast and a round of golf. Predictably, members like me jumped at this bribe, eagerly dumping our children for the chance of free golf and a medium rare fillet. In a sour note, as usual, all the women in the Club boycott the event, refusing to cross dress into menswear, just to pander to the sponsor’s fetish.

Section A: Will Hoskin 3/24 won from Stuart Strange 2/19, Jon Dugdale 1/17, Greg Reid 0/16
Section B: Steve McArdle 3/22 won from Ian Dowman 2/20, John McClure 1/15, Rohan Pipkorn 1/13
Section C: Rod Unmack 3/24 won from Rob Jolly 2/22, Ben Winter 0/10, Mathew Dunn 0/10
Finals: Rod Unmack 2/16 won from Stuart Strange 1/15 and Ian Dowman 0/8

Lamanz 2012

Will and Steve could not make the finals, so the two outstanding second placed players filled in. It was a great finals match between Rod Unmack and Stuart Strange which decided the winner. Rod who was in hot form went to a four – nil lead only to have Stu fiercely fight back. With their ultimate game deciding the result, Stu pulls a hamstring while Rod looks totally pooped after playing all afternoon. In the end pooped ends up beating hamstring … so Viva Prez Rodz. Thankz Lamanz.

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