7pm, Tuesday 5th August 2014 was the time & date set for the Ladies Doubles Club Championship Final 2014, being marked by Bruce Christie, the competing teams were Jo Edwards & Jenny Murphy vs Wendy Whitehead & Stephanie Williams.

Jo & Jenny jumped to a quick 3 love lead, before Wendy & Stephanie steadied to win their first game, and trail 3 games to 1. With the first game under their belt, it was thought that Wendy & Stephanie’s nerves may have settled, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be, and Jo and Jenny quickly took out the first set 6 games to 1.

Wendy & Stephanie held a much needed team meeting before commencement of the 2nd set, electing to change sides … would this simple change all they needed to do, to break the rhythm of Jo & Jenny?  It could be … Jo & Jenny won the first game of the 2nd set, but that was after 4 deuces, and Wendy & Stephanie quickly levelled to 1 game all. The 3rd game seemed to go forever, 8 or so deuces, with Jo & Jenny winning the game in the end, but that still didn’t faze Wendy & Stephanie, who won the next game to equalise again at 2 games all.

Bruce and I were impressed by a couple of slugfest rally’s with the ball sent back and forwards at a great rate of knots, all from solid volleys. We could also see how frustrating many points were for both sides, players achieving excellent returns to get out of a tight spots, to then lose the point with a miss-hit of a very basic return … (we all know it well right?)  The 5th game was very similar to the 3rd, with quite a number of deuces, and Jo & Jenny again winning the game in the end. Unfortunately Wendy & Stephanie weren’t able to take the next game to level, and lost the next to be trailing 5 games to 2.

When the next game went to deuce, and Wendy & Stephanie had to beat 3 & 4 and 2 & 3 yard chases, Bruce and I thought it was very close to over, but a great return by Wendy forced an error by Jo & Jenny, returning the game to deuce, and Wendy & Stephanie won the next two points and the game – 5 games to 3.

Jo and Jenny were too strong at the end, winning the next game, to take out the set and match – 6 / 1, 6 / 3. Congratulations Jo & Jenny, good to see you celebrate your win in the only manner you know how … a nice bottle of chardonnay J

Jo Edwards, Jenni Murphy, Wendy Whitehead & Stephanie Williams

Jo Edwards, Jenni Murphy, Wendy Whitehead & Stephanie Williams

A great match where the big win, really didn’t reflect the closeness of the match …. well played girls !!

Winners are grinners!

Winners are grinners!

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