Sunday July 3rd saw five of our young guns take to the court in a sunday arvo round robin singles. There were some great matches played and BTC’s future looks promising if these guys keep improving as they are! Young medico, Chengde Pham took out the event – winning all but one of his matches. Results of the day were:

Patrick Johnson def Brenton Hardy 6/5

Chengde Pham def Tim Baker 6/2

Patrick Sunter def Brenton hardy 6/4

Chengde Pham def Patrick Johnson 6/1

Patrick Sunter def Tim Baker 6/4

Brenton Hardy def Chengde Pham 6/1

Patrick Johnson def Tim Baker 6/2

Chengde Pham def Patrick Sunter 6/0

Tim Baker def Brenton hardy 6/4

Patrick Sunter def Patrick Johnson 6/4


Well done boys…..


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