International Tennis Day 2021

International Tennis Day 2021
The World Tennis Day is celebrated this Sunday, 20th of June! BTC couldn’t let this day go by without spoiling their members so here’s a couple of incentives to get you on court this Sunday:
  • Half Price Lessons:  BTC and I will be offering a limited amount of half price 1hr lessons.  First come, first served so get your bookings in asap.
  • Book a court/hit for 1hr, get 1 item of clothing for $15, cap for $5 or club tie for $25:  One item only and limited toexisting stock and sizes only. Qualifying Bookings: All singles/doubles hits, practices or round robins – so long as the member plays an hour or over.
Here’s hoping that these promotions convince you to pay BTC a visit this Sunday! if you do, don’t forget to take a picture and post it onto BTC’s facebook.  We will have a few posters up marking World Tennis Day so feel free to use that as a picture background 🙂.

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