Highlights of the 2022 Bartlett Cup – Hobart vs BTC

On Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October, Ballarat team members Paul Davis, Tim Lamont, Greg Reid, Phil Roberts and Tom Spring played against the Hobart Real Tennis Club (HRTC) members in the Bartlett Cup.

In the 21st century Ballarat has only won the Bartlett once, back in 2006. Apart from that the Hobart team has continually come out ahead on its home court. Ballarat players were hopeful this year, but alas the result was again a win to the skilful Taswegians.

On the Saturday Ballarat lost three singles matches and five doubles, before Tom Spring and Tim Lamont had a win 9/7 in the last match of the day. On Sunday Ballarat fared much better with Tom Spring winning a singles match, also combining in subsequent doubles wins with pairings of Greg Reid and Paul Davis to round out a strong day’s play. Paul Davis also won a singles match, giving a 4/4 result on the Sunday, and thus an overall win of 12 sets to five in favour of Hobart.

On the Saturday evening, the players and some family members were hosted to a most enjoyable dinner upstairs at the historic Tennis Club rooms. The twenty-four people present thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful food, the good company and the occasional story telling.

It was a fun weekend despite the result – and maybe 2023 is the year Ballarat can play a blinder to finally take the Bartlett back north of Bass Strait!

— Phil Roberts


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