GPP is the acronym of Gisborne Power Products which is club member Andrew Hall’s business. Up there in Gisborne he flogs big boy’s toys … tractors, mowers, chainsaws and talks of horsepower and 2 stroke versus 4 stroke. If you have a shed Andrew wants to know you. If you live in a unit or a houseboat he probably won’t want to know you. Andrew generously sponsored this tournament and congratulates Will, Ben and Rod on their wins.

Will Hoskin 3/24 wins from Malcolm Rogers 2/20, Bruce Christie 1/13, Ben Winter 0/16

Ben Jolly 3/24 wins from Steve McArdle2/21, Alastair Gull 1/15, Cathy Faull 0/18

Rod Unmack 3/24 wins from Matthew Dunn 2/19, Stuart Strange 1/17, Peter Dunn 0/13

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