My mum used to stop me slacking off and send me off to play with my younger brother. She’d tell me “The family that plays together, stays together”… and off I’d go to play cricket with my hapless sibling. I bet you Brett told the Pipkorns, Stranges, Crees and Bakers the same story as he lined them up for this nice little tournament.
You know I never told Brett about the time I tried to pull this same stunt on my smart–assed kids. It all went pear-shaped when they googled my mum’s advice. Did you know the proper quote is “The family that prays together, stays together” … from none other than Mother Theresa. My delighted children invited me to join them on my knees to petition the Almighty for marital harmony. At this stage I let them go back to their computer games.

Andrew & Rohan Pipkorn defeated Nathan & Tanya Baker 8-5
Stuart & Annie Strange lost to Tony & Charlie Cree 1-8
Andrew & Rohan Pipkorn lost to Tony & Charlie Cree 6-8
Nathan & Tanya Baker defeated Stuart & Annie Strange 8-5
Andrew & Rohan Pipkorn lost to Stuart & Annie Strange 5-8
Tony & Charlie Cree lost to Nathan & Tanya Baker 4-8

Nathan & Tanya Baker 2/21 win from Tony & Charlie Cree 2/20, Andrew & Rohan Pipkorn 1/19, Stuart & Annie Strange 1/14

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