BTC has recently wrapped up another wonderful and action packed weekend of tennis. BTC played host to RMTC in what was a full on enjoyable two days of tennis, eating, drinking, more tennis and more eating and drinking. Ballarat successfully took out the Men’s Eureka Cup AND the Ladies Larwood Cup as well!Thanks go to all involved for a most lovely weekend. Results were as follows:

Eureka Fun

Saturday August 29th

10am R Kininmonth/D Friend v P Dunn/S Strange Eureka Cup 4/6

10.30am J See Tan/E Yee v T Baker/ M Hoskin Larwood Cup 6/3

11am J Woods-Casey/M Garnett v R Jolly/P Dunn Eureka Cup 0/6

11.30am C Story/M O’Rorke v R McKay/T Baker Larwood Cup 6/3

12pm G Dempster/R Scollay v S Strange/R Jolly Eureka Cup 4/6

12.30pm E Yee/E Coller v R McKay/M Hoskin Larwood Cup 5/6

1pm P Stanley/G Moran v S Strange/P Dunn Eureka Cup 3/6

1.30pm A Dempster/J See Tan v A Strange/R McKay Larwood Cup 3/6

2pm R Kininmonth/J Woods-Casey v P Dunn/R Jolly Eureka Cup 1/6

2.30pm C Story/E Coller v A Strange/T Baker Larwood Cup 2/6

3pm D Friend/ M Garnett v M Fenelon/N Baker Eureka Cup 5/6

3.30pm M O’Rorke/E Coller v C Faull/ M Hoskin Larwood Cup 1/6

4pm G Dempster/G Morgan v N Baker/S Strange Eureka Cup 5/6

4.30pm A Dempster/J See Tan v A Strange/C Faull Larwood Cup 6/5

5pm P Stanley/R Scollay v N Baker/R Jolly Eureka Cup 6/3


Eureka Dinner

Sunday August 30th

9.30am G Morgan/R Scollay v M Whitehead/D Cinque Eureka Cup 1/6

10am M O’Rorke/A Dempster v C Trevarthen/L LeMarshall Larwood Cup 4/6

10.30am J Woods-Casey/D Friend v R Jolly/V Scopellitti Eureka Cup 5/6

11am E Coller/J See Tan v C Trevarthen/W Whitehead Larwood Cup 5/6

11.30am R Kininmonth/G Dempster v V Scopellitti/ M Fenelon Eureka Cup 6/5

12pm M O’Rorke/J See Tan v S Williams/L LeMarshall Larwood Cup 1/6

12.30pm J Woods-Casey/G Morgan v S Strange/J Stephen Eureka Cup 6/5

1pm A Dempster/E Coller v S Williams/A Strange Larwood Cup 1/6

1.30pm R Scollay/D Friend v V Scopellitti/R Lagerberg Eureka Cup 3/6

2pm M O’Rorke/E Coller v W Whitehead/T Baker Larwood Cup 3/6

2.30pm G Dempster/G Morgan v S Strange/ N Baker Eureka Cup 6/3

3pm R Kininmonth/D Friend v R Lagerberg/S Strange Eureka Cup 3/6

3.30pm G Dempster/R Scollay v N Baker/V Scopelitti Eureka Cup 1/6

Eureka Presentation

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