BTC’s two Inter-Club events versus Melbourne will be held in Ballarat this Sunday, September 27th. The Eureka Cup for men and Larwood Cup for women have been fought out each year for some years now – and are always a source of terrific competition and friendly rivalry between the two Clubs.

This years event will see the two competitions played on the one day – with alternating men’s and women’s doubles matches being played throughout the day. Play kicks off at 10am and runs until just after 5pm. It would be great to see those not playing in the event cheering the home guys on.

A lunch for those interested will be put on at 12pm, with plates of sandwiches and cheese & fruit provided at a cost of $18.00 per person. Members wishing to have lunch will need to contact Brett at the Pro shop or use the link provided below by no later than this Friday afternoon.

I would like to have lunch during the Eureka/Larwood Cups

For those of you suffering post AFL Grand Final festivities, it should prove a great way to unwind after all the action the day before. See you all there!!!

Below is a copy of the draw:

Sunday September 27, 2009

Time:    Event:          BTC:                                       v               RMTC:

10          Eureka        J Faull/R Jolly                    v              A Gould/N Brody

10.40   Larwood    C Goodman/A Dugdale   v              E Howard/L O’Byrne

11.20   Eureka         P Williams/M Williams    v             J Howard/H Turnbull

12         LUNCH PROVIDED (please call BTC to sign up)

12         Larwood     C Faull/A Strange               v              F Hewson/S Williams

12.40  Eureka         J Link/D Stagg                      v             G O’Byrne/S Wallace

1.20    Larwood      E Williams/E Hoskin          v             B Gould/E Howard

2.00   Eureka           R Troon/P Williams           v            A Gould/H Turnbull

2.40   Larwood       W Whitehead/C Faull         v             F Hewson/L O’Byrne

3.20   Eureka          M Williams/M Whitehead  v           J Howard/S Wallace

4.00  Larwood       A Dugdale/A Strange          v           B Gould/S Williams

4.40  Eureka              R Troon/W Hoskin             v           N Brody/G O’Byrne

*All matches played off handicap

*Matches first to 8 games

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