Archimedes ... sponsor of the Eureka Cup

Archimedes ... sponsor of the Eureka Cup

These two cups are the men’s & women’s trophies for the annual competition between RMTC and BTC. A strong team of six men and three women made the trip from Melbourne and there was a formidable Ballarat team to play them. We had rushed to renovate the men’s change room for the occasion and they were most impressed … unfortunately the women’s one is not finished yet.

Eureka & Larwood Cup Crew 2011

Eureka & Larwood Cup Crew 2011

What an eccentric sport we play … nothing prosaic like the Melbourne Cup for our trophies. One Cup is named after the gleeful pronouncement of a naked Greek mathematician … that he’d discovered the physics of buoyancy in his bathtub. The other Cup is named after a Nottingham miner and fast bowler Harold Larwood who bowled bodyline in the controversial 1932/3 Ashes … got out Our Don four times he did. An ironic juxtaposition … Archimedes had a Principle while the Pommie Cricket Team had none.

Eureka Results: RMTC men take the trophy 4 matches to 2
Owen Guest/Richard Hince def. Mark Hartnell/John Faull 8/7
JVC Guest/Mike Garnett lost to Peter Dunne/Bruce Christie 2/8
JVC Guest/Chris Webb def. Stuart Strange/John Faull 8/1
Richard Hince/Graeme Richardson lost to Wayne Spring/John Faull 4/8
Owen Guest/Graeme Richardson def. Peter Dunne/W. Spring 8/2
Mike Garnett/Chris Webb def. Bruce Christie/Rod Unmack 8/6

Larwood Results: Ballarat women take the trophy 3 matches to 1
Fiona Hewson/Cora Trevarthen def. Annie Strange/Jenni Murphy 8/7
Georgie Lewis/Fiona Hewson lost to Jenni Murphy/Wendy Whitehead 3/8
Georgie Lewis/Cora Trevarthen lost to Wendy Whitehead/Alison Dugdale 6/8
Fiona Hewson/Cora Trevarthen lost to Wendy Whitehead/Alison Dugdale 7/8

Congratulations to the winning teams.

PS Don’t ruin a good story by telling me that Larwood is the amalgamation of Larter & Sherwood Streets the home of the two clubs … I prefer my version. Harold Larwood was one of the fastest bowlers ever … scary like Thommo. Brilliantly bowling to his captain’s bodyline tactics he won the 1932 Ashes 4-1 for England with 33 wickets. In the aftermath of bodyline, unlike the Gentleman captain Jardine, the Professional Larwood was cynically made a scapegoat by the MCC… and never played Test Cricket again. Ironically he migrated to Sydney after the war and to his amazement met admiration rather than resentment. He died in Randwick in 1995. Now if Cricket won’t name a trophy after such a legend I see no reason why Royal Tennis shouldn’t.

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