Just like Melbourne Football Club the Ballarat Tennis Club performs best when it is not actually playing another team. Unfortunately this is the exact opposite to the Hobart Royal Tennis Club. At least this year they went through the travesty of bringing the Cup up for us to present back to them … that was nice but an irresponsible waste of an excess baggage charge. Like Wayne Swan the Ballarat coaching staff has run out of ideas. They complain bitterly that no performance enhancing drug is currently powerful enough to make a difference. They are calling on medical science and the NRL to accelerate efforts if BTC is to become competitive in the future. Lance Armstrong is now being sought as a consultant.

Bruce Christie/Mike Whitehead beat Greg Kerin/Graham Flower 8-2
Peter Dunn/Stuart Strange lost to Paul Dunne/Alex Colbert 7-8
Bruce Christie/Mike Whitehead beat Simon Dwyer/Tony Barrett 8-7
Peter Dunn lost to Greg Kerin 5-8
Ben Faull beat Graham Flower 8-1
Jo Edwards lost to Paul Dunne 7-8
Rod Unmack/Peter Dunn lost to Alex Colbert/ Simon Dwyer 4-8
Rob Jolly/Peter Dunn beat Tony Barrett/ Greg Kerin 8-3
Jo Edwards/ Rod Unmack lost to Graham Flower/ Paul Dunne 0-8
Rob Jolly lost to Alex Colbert 4-8
Mick Fenelon beat Tony Barrett 8-2
Laura LeMarshall lost to Simon Dwyer 0-8

Tassie leads 7matches to 5 at the half way point. That’s pretty good by BTC standards but we all know that Sunday will be a disaster what with the drinking problems and so on.

Rob Jolly/Dean Cinque lost to Greg Kerin/ Alex Colbert3-8
John McClure/Michael Bardsley beat Alex Colbert/Simon Dwyer 8-6
Rob Jolly/Dean Cinque lost to Greg Kerin/Graham Flower 4-8
Bruce Christie/John McClure lost to Tony Barrett/ Alex Colbert 5-8
Stuart Strange/Peter Dunn beat Paul Dunne/Graham Fowler 8-5
Rohan Bryan beat Tony Barrett 8-5
Stuart Strange lost to Paul Dunne 2-8
Malcolm Rodgers lost to Graham Fowler 1-8
Ian Dowman lost to Alex Colbert 4=8
Malcolm Rodgers lost to Simon Dwyer 3-8

Tassie wins 7-3 on Sunday taking the final score to 14-8. With the benefit of many years of practice they re-present the Cone Cup to themselves. Congratulations, it was as a sterling effort by the team, particularly Alex Colbert who won 6 of 7 matches and Paul Dunne with 4 of 5.

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