Saturday and Sunday April 9-10 saw the Ballarat Tennis Club take on its southern counter-part Hobart in an annual inter-club event. Both Clubs fielded strong teams and with handicap doubles matches scheduled throughout both days of the weekend the stage was set for some terrific matches.

Cone Cup 2016 2

Saturday’s matches saw Ballarat capitalize on its home court advantage and surged ahead 6 matches to 3 at the end of the days play. Both teams enjoyed a curry feast on Saturday night put on by the BTC social committee and by Sunday the Hobart team was primed and ready to go. After a close second days play, it was Ballarat who finally came out on top – winning the weekend overall by 11 matches to 7. Individual match scores below:

 Saturday April 9

 10am N Oates/J Edwards* v R Unmack/B Hoskin 3/9                                                                                                       

10.45am J Moores/M Moores v A Strange/Yvonne Rout 6/9

 11.30am H Turnbull/D Friend v R Unmack/J Edwards 5/9

 12.15pm R Jolly/J Moores v S Strange/J Edwards 4/9

 1pm M Moores/N Oates v A Strange/Yvonne Rout 7/9

1.45pm H Turnbull/R Jolly  v D Hay/J Sunter 9/8

 2.30pm D Friend/H Turnbull v S Strange/J Sunter 6/9

 3.15pm M Moores/M Hoskin* v I Chambers/B Hardy 9/5

 4pm D Friend/J Moores v S Strange/J Edwards 9/7

Sunday April 10

10am C Kemp/J Moores v M Fenelon/R Unmack 3/8           

10.45pm R Jolly/H Oates v S Strange/J Edwards 6/8

11.30am D Friend/N Oates v R Unmack/M Fenelon 4/8

12.15pm J Moores/M Moores v T Baker/M Hoskin 8/6

1pm R Jolly/N Oates v S Strange/J Edwards 8/5

1.45pm H Oates/D Friend v R Unmack/N Baker 8/2

2.30pm M Moores/T Baker* v M Hoskin/L LeMarshall 8/2

3.15pm H Oates/L LeMarshall v W Whitehead/J Edwards 4/8 

4pm D Friend/J Moores  v M Whitehead/N Baker 6/8

Ballarat def Hobart 11matches to 7

Cone Cup 2016 1

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