You’ve got to love this sport. Last month we had the Over 50 Australian Royal Tennis Team playing the Over 60 Australian Team in Ballarat. No it’s not superannuation class warfare or a junior croquet match … both teams were practising before going off to the US in May to compete in the world titles in their age groups. They are also competing as a team representing Australia playing for Cups named after two legends of the sport Ted Cockram (over 50s) and Pete Bostwick (over 60s). Our own David Parker, Wayne Spring, Rob Jolly and John Faull are part of both squads.

Richard Hince v Mike McAuley 2-6 6-4
Graeme Bradfield v Rob Jolly 1-6 5-6
Jonathan Hamer v Graeme Holloway 6-3 5-4
David Parker/Graeme Bradfield v Mike McAuley Wayne Spring 6-2 5-4
Andrew Gould/Nick Carr v Dick Friend/Henry Turnbull 3-6 6-3 1-2
David Parker/Jonathan Hamer v John Faull/Graeme Holloway 3-6 6-4
Andrew Gould/Nick Carr v Mike McAuley/Rob Jolly 4-6 6-2 0-2
Andrew Gould/Nick Carr v John Faull/Graeme Holloway 4-6 3-6
Richard Hince v Wayne Spring 6-3 3-6 1-0
Graeme Bradfield/Jonathan Hamer v Dick Friend/Henry Turnbull 2-6 4-6
David Parker/Richard Hince v Dick Friend/Henry Turnbull 3-6 6-5

It was off handicap and in the end it was a 14-8 win by the oldies over the not quite so oldies … very encouraging for a senior citizen like me. Of course as befits statesmen of the sport there was a sumptuous dinner at The Ballaarat Restaurant in the midst of the weekend … they said it was to build team spirit with a bit of the oldies’ performance enhancing drug of choice, red wine. Good luck in the US guys.

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