The foursome that call themselves the Sydney Wanderers are well known fanatics of the sport. Hamish Oates and Sav Cremona are actually from Sydney though we see them here regularly since Sydney doesn’t have a court anymore. Stu Strange and Rob Jolly are stalwarts of BTC. They have formed a team to compete in the Boomerang Cup in January. They need practice as a team and we are here to help.

Bruce Christie/Nathan Baker defeated Sav Cremona/Hamish Oates 9-7
Malcolm Rodgers lost to Rob Jolly 4-9
Bruce Christie/Allan Willingham lost to Stuart Strange/Sav Cremona 4-9
Jo Edwards lost to Hamish Oates 0-9
Jo Edwards/Bruce Christie defeated Hamish Oates/Rob Jolly 9-4
Malcolm Rodgers lost to Sav Cremona 8-9
Greg Reid/Robert Lagerberg defeated Stuart Strange/Rob Jolly 9-5
Greg Reid/Robert Lagerberg defeated Stuart Strange/Hamish Oates 9-5
Bruce Christie/Julian Sunter lost to Sav Cremona/Hamish Oates 7-8
Mark Hartnell lost to Stuart Strange 6-8
Bruce Christie/Mick Fenelon lost to Sav Cremona/ Stuart Strange 2-8
Mick Fenelon/Jo Edwards defeated Hamish Oates/Sav Cremona 8-3
Jo Edwards/Mark Hartnell lost to Stuart Strange/Hamish Oates 3-8

Sydney Wanders defeated Ballarat 8-5. There was an unbelievable number of matches played by the Sydney bunch over two days so I hope they haven’t overtrained. Good luck guys.

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