Oh no … we are playing another Club so we are almost certainly in for a hiding. Wait a second this is a Club that doesn’t have a royal tennis court. They have to practice using some app on their i-phones. They’ll be jetlagged and culture shocked after travelling into the badlands south of Sydney. We’ll beat them easily won’t we? City slickers Chris Cooper (37) Sav Cremona (37) Hamish Oates (35) Nicholas Oates (50) and Paul Sproules (60) ride into town.

Will Hoskin/Jim Stephen defeated Sav Cremona/Hamish Oates 8/4
Steve McArdle defeated Nicholas Oates 8/4
Will Hoskin lost to Hamish Oates 6/8
Jim Stephen/Steve McArdle defeated Chris Cooper/Paul Sproules 8/6
Will Hoskin/Robert Lagerberg defeated Hamish Oates/Sav Cremona 8/7
Robert Lagerberg lost to Nicholas Oates 5/8
Mark Hartnell/Jo Edwards lost to Chris Cooper/Hamish Oates 4/8
Rob Jolly/Mark Hartnell lost to Nicholas Oates/Paul Sproules 5/8
Jo Edwards lost to Chris Cooper 6/8
Rob Jolly/Annie Strange lost to Chris Cooper/Nicholas Oates 1/8
Michael Bardsley/Annie Strange defeated Hamish Oates/Paul Sproules 8/6
Michael Bardsley defeated Sav Cremona 8/4

Goodness me … at the end of the first day it was 6 games all. Maybe that app they’re practising on isn’t as good as all that. Of course Ballarat usually performs appallingly on the second day what with the drinking problems and so on.

Rob Jolly/Jim Stephen lost to Sav Cremona/Chris Cooper 3/8
Jim Stephen/Mike Whitehead lost to Hamish Oates/Chris Cooper 5/8
Cora Trevarthen defeated Paul Sproules 8/6
Greg Reid/Rob Jolly lost to Sav Cremona/Hamish Oates 4/8
Annie Strange/Cora Trevarthen lost to Chris Cooper/Nicholas Oates 5/8
Greg Reid/Tony Cree lost to Paul Sproules/Hamish Oates 6/8
Quinton Wilkinson/Charlie Cree defeated Sav Cremona/Nicholas Oates 8/3
Greg Reid/Rob Jolly lost to Chris Cooper/Paul Sproules 4/8

As predicted Sydney wins the second day 6 matches to 2 giving them an overall margin of 12 matches to 8. Well done Sydney that’s a lot of games over two days for a well-deserved win. Maybe if we got rid of our tennis court we could beat them next year.

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