It was another huge weekend for Ballarat against the MCC’s tennis members. Thirty five players participated on both sides which must be some sort of record. The footie season clearly hasn’t started yet. Always seems a bit incestuous since so many BTC players are members of the MCC.

Michelle Hoskin/Richie Robinson defeated Fiona Hewson/Robert Falconer 8-4
Wendy Whitehead/Peter Dunn defeated Mike Carroll/Greg Reid 8-4
Wendy Whitehead/Steve McArdle lost to Michael MacAleavey/Yvonne Rout 5-8
Peter Dunn/Bruce Christie defeated Wilson Lorimer/Mike Carroll 8-3
Tim Lamont/ Richie Robinson lost to Greg Reid/Fiona Hewson 6-8
Annie and Stuart Strange lost to Robert Falconer/ Michael MacAleavey 7-8
Nathan Baker/Bruce Christie lost to Yvonne Rout/ Wilson Lorimer 4-8
Malcolm Rodgers/Stuart Strange defeated Mike Carroll/ Robert Falconer 8-1
Annie Strange/Nathan Baker defeated Greg Reid/ Michael MacAleavey 8-5
Malcolm Rodgers/Doug Grant defeated Fiona Hewson/ Yvonne Rout 8-4
Stuart Strange/Doug Grant lost to Wilson Lorimer/Mike Carroll 7-8
Andrew Reeves/Cora Trevanthan lost to Michael MacAleavey/ Fiona Hewson 4-8
Ian Chambers/Julian Sunter defeated Robert Falconer/Wilson Lorimer 8-7
Bruce Christie/Rod Unmack lost to Greg Reid/Mike Carroll 7-8
Ian Chambers/Rod Unmack defeated Fiona Hewson/Robert Falconer 8-3
Julian Sunter/Greg Henderson defeated Bruce Christie/Stuart Strange 8-7
Michelle Hoskin/Mick Fenelon defeated Tony and Charlie Cree 8-5
Greg Henderson/Matthew Dunn lost to Peter Dunn/Stuart Strange 5-8
Michelle Hoskin/Mick Fenelon lost to Tony and Charlie Cree 2-8
Jo Edwards/Matthew Dunn defeated Peter Dunn/Greg Henderson 8-7

Ballarat defeats MCC 11 games to 9 to keep its great record in this event intact.

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