With the Melbourne Football Club struggling to win a game the hopes of the 102800 members of the MCC and the 225000 on the waiting list have to turn elsewhere. Where better than the MCC’s Royal Tennis Club? The hopes of these 327800 supporters weighed heavily on the 6 players who travelled to Ballarat to play in one of our regular contests. Many of these supporters were disappointed they couldn’t fit into the viewing gallery but they were not disappointed with their team’s performance. MCC defeated BTC 4 matches all, 57 games to 55 games as an example to their AFL team that could only dream of 57 points.

BTC v MCC 2013

Greg Henderson/Mick Fenelon defeated Ian Bull/Greg Reid 9-4
Mick Fenelon/David Hay defeated Mark Millar/Ben Gearing 9-5
Greg Henderson/Ian Chambers lost to Ian Bull/Ben Gearing 6-9
Malcolm Rodgers/Richie Robinson lost to Mark Millar/Michelle O’Rorke 5-9
Malcolm Rodgers lost to Paul Scally 5-9
Ben Faull lost to Michelle O’Rorke 3-9
Jo Edwards/Bruce Christie defeated Ian Bull/Greg Reid 9-7
Rod Unmack/Ben Faull defeated Paul Scally/Michelle O’Rorke

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