BTC specialise in losing to Clubs that do not actually have a tennis court. We recently lost to Sydney where the nearest court is a thousand kilometres away and where the only way they practise was on an app on their i-phones. MCC members do not have apps much less i-phones but then they do have a court nearby at Richmond. We gave ourselves the best chance by playing them at Romsey thus avoiding our home court disadvantage. We sent up a strong team captained by our finest … well Ian Chambers anyway. Would this be different and could we beat a team without a court?

J Link defeated M O’Rorke 5/3
P Dunn/J Faull defeated A Gould/G Reid 5/4
D Cinque/I Chambers defeated J Brunhuber/W Lorimer 10/4
B Faull/F Nolan defeated B Malseed/R Falconer 7/4
D Cinque/J Link lost to M Wilson/R Wilson 4/8
P Dunn/I Chamber lost to G Reid/W Lorimer 2/7
J Faull/D Cinque defeated A Gould/J brunhuber 5/4
B Faull/B Jolly lost to M O’Rorke/R Wilson 4/8
F Nolan/I Chambers defeated R falconer/B Malseed 7/4
P Dunn/D Cinque lost to A vB Houckgeest/J Brunhuber 1/10
J Faull/B Faull lost to A Gould/M O’Rourke 6/7
F Nolan/B Jolly defeated B Manseed/ M Wilson 9/4
I Chambers/J Faull lost to A vB Houckgeest/W Lorimer 1/10
P Dunn/F Nolan defeated M Wilson/J Brunhuber 7/3
B Faull/D Cinque lost to R Falconer/R Wilson 3/9
I Chambers lost to A vB Houckgeest 4/10

Nope but things are looking up … it was 8 rubbers all with MCC winning on games 99 to 80. Frank Nolan is named our MVP with wins in all four games and will be made captain for our next outing while certain other members are rested from exhaustion. Well done MCC, I’m told it was a great day and it’s good to see Romsey back in use again.

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