This was a nice little event we had a few weeks ago. Matthew Downey, James Downey, Sam Bowman and Nick McDonald are four lawyers with the Justice Department. They have come up from Melbourne a few times and have been learning the game playing each other. They wanted some more experience and so this event was organised. By all reports it was a great day.

Wait a second … we’re playing a team that doesn’t have a court, barely knows the rules and has to borrow our racquets. We’re doomed … what with our home court disadvantage and our perpetual failure to beat anyone called “an opponent”. We desperately need Paul Roos as a coach … Roosie seems to know what to do with teams that have these credentials. Now if only we were as good as the Demons.

Tanya Baker/Michelle Hoskin lost to Matthew Downey/James Downey 3-6
Will Hoskin lost to Sam Bowman 4-6
Tony & Charlie Cree lost to Nick McDonald/Matthew Downey 2-6
Tanya Baker lost to James Downey 4-6
Tony & Charlie Cree lost to Sam Bowman/ Nick McDonald 4-6
Tim Lamont lost to Matthew Downey 4-6
Michelle & Will Hoskin lost to James Downey/Sam Bowman 3-6
Rachel McKay defeated Nick McDonald 6-3

We were brought to justice by a 7-1 loss. It was a miscarriage I reckon … especially when you train as hard as Tony Cree does. They say he yells “Yours Charlie” for hours on end as he works to perfect his game. It was unanimous that Rachel McKay was the BTC Most Valuable Player and she will be the cornerstone as we rebuild the team under Paul Roos’ guidance. Train hard Justice Department on your non-existent court with no racquets … we will be ready for you next year.

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