BTC hosted a small group of keen MCC newbies on Sunday September 20, who were keen to take on the locals on their own home court.

Other than a small glimmer of hope from our own Ben Hoskin, it is fair to say that the visitors enthusiasm and confidence was well founded – as they pretty much smashed us 4 matches to 2 over the course of the day!

Well done MCC….and back to the drawing board BTC!

Ben Hoskin def Sam Bowman 6/5

Ben Hoskin def James Downey 6/2

Greg Henderson lost Matt Downey 2/6

Ben Hoskin/Greg Henderson lost Sam Bowman/James Downey 3/6

Mike Whitehead/Ben Hoskin lost Matt Downey/James Downey 3/6

Greg Henderson/Mike Whitehead lost Sam Bowman/Matt Downey 3/6

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