Hold the Presses!!!

He’s a great Pro, our Brett, but the one thing he hasn’t been able to do is help BTC win any interclub events.  In fact, come to think of it we’ve had more Prime Ministers this week than interclub wins in the last decade.

Well, I can finally report that, fed up with Brett’s coaching, the BTC team went with untried supporter Cath Collins as spiritual and life leader at RMTC on Saturday night.  The 3 man team was up against the might of MCC with Andrew Gould, Ian Bull and Henry Turnbull determined to keep Ballarat away from the winner’s circle.  Ballarat sneakily played Matt Dunn with Rob Jolly and Paul Williams thus lowering out team’s average age by 10 and giving us the advantage on running down long chases.  Rob and Paul started against Andrew and Ian and immediately found themselves 3-0 down.  Cath’s gentle words of support stripped paint from the walls and galvanized into action, the BTC pair fought back to 5 all advantage all and unbelievably won the final point.

Next Rob and Matt fought strongly against Henry and Ian only to lose 6-5.  Paul and Matt bumbled their way to a 6-4 win over Henry and Andrew with the benefit of a decent handicap start.  Single matches next and Paul, with the benefit of a four point handicap start, against a man who hadn’t played a set of singles for 5 years and who was further handicapped by a knee that prevented him taking more than 2 steps in any direction, proceeded to go 4-0 down!  Cath quietly pointed out the error of his ways and the benefits of actually hitting the ball both over the net and beneath the penthouses and a comeback ensued followed by another 6-5 win.  Rob took on Andrew, again favoured by handicap and no sooner had Henry commented that at 5-2 up, Andrew was giving him a nice lead in to the last set when Cath suggested that if Rob didn’t pull his socks up he’d be going home alone.  Coaching job done, she retired to the white wine while Rob won about 12 points in a row to win the set 6-5.  Ballarat now in the unheard of situation of having won a match before the final set was played sent a very relaxed Matt out to beat up on Henry 6-2, coming back from love-forty  in several of the games.

Rob Jolly, Paul Williams, Matt Dunn

Rob Jolly, Paul Williams, Matt Dunn

So a win for BTC 5 sets to 1.

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