BTC started off the New Year with a win over MCCRT at RMTC on Friday February 7th. (Ed: That’s enough acronyms for now.)
Peter Dunn, Bruce Christie, Greg Reid and Rob Jolly won 3-1 in a four match handicap doubles event, each match first to 8 games with rules for the night featuring a bisque for teams which fell four games behind. MCC had to give BTC handicap advantage in each match to various degrees but was unable to contain BTC even on its “home” territory. Features of the night’s play were BTC’s comebacks from 4-6 to win 8-6 in two matches and the agonising over the use of the bisque by Dunn and Reid. A fine repast was provided by the MCC and they look forward to a return match in an extended format over a weekend at Ballarat later in the year.

R Kinnimoth & W Lorimer (MCC) lost to B Christie & G Reid (BTC) 6-8

A Gould & R Kinnimoth (MCC) lost to P. Dunn & R Jolly (BTC) 6-8

A Gould & M Carroll (MCC) beat P Dunn & G Reid (BTC) 8-4

M. Carroll & W Lorimer (MCC) lost to B. Christie & R. Jolly (BTC) 6-8

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