Last Sunday we had a small group of bold new MCC players head up this way with the audacity to presume they could take us on on our own home court. Three MCC players took on an array of BTC’s finest available and soon proved that experience is certainly no prerequisite for success!

After an initial shaky start, the visitors soon learned the ropes and toweled us up on the day. Well done to all those that participated….

Time MCC v BTC Sunday September 20

1.30pm MCC Practice

2pm S Bowman v B Hoskin 5/6

2.30pm J Downey v B Hoskin 2/6

3pm M Downey v G Henderson 6/2

3.30pm S Bowman/J Downey v G Henderson/B Hoskin 6/5

4pm J Downey/M Downey v M Whitehead/B Hoskin 6/3

4.30pm S Bowman/M Downey v G Henderson/M Whitehead 6/3

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