Apparently there are some mighty matches going on down at RMTC, not sure of all the details, Jesters, and a couple of blokes Fahey and Riviere or somesuch, but let me tell you the BIG matches have already happened there on Friday May 2nd where BTC took down the MCC RTS’ finest.

Handicap doubles was the game and BTC were first out of the block making their slight advantage count big time winning the first match 9-4, the second match 9-5 and steamrolling home 9-0 to cap it all off before the excellent dinner and fine wine took centre stage.

BTC were represented on court by Peter Dunn, Doug Grant and Rob Jolly.  They were ably supported when Carlton wasn’t losing to the Woods by Stu Strange and Nathan Baker in their Blues footy jumpers: all class.  Cath Collins cheered along the team, and Annie Strange joined the afterparty! Quite a BTC night with Doug Skyping his fiancee with the matchplay all the way to Nepal.

Speaking of international involvement, in addition to MCC being represented by “Fred” Kininmonth and Greg Reid, they enjoyed Seacourt stalwart, Nick Jones’ on-court help.

There may be some other international matches going on down there in Richmond but for the moment, this BTC result takes the spotlight and is the talk of Ballarat.   Or should be at least!

Dunn/Jolly bt Kininmonth/Jones 9-4

Grant/Jolly by Kininmonth/Reid 9-5

Grant/Dunn bt Jones/Reid 9-0

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