BTC played it’s annual inter-club grudge match v MCC in Ballarat on March 4-6. As usual, the MCC sent up a fun and entertaining crew with singles and doubles matches being fought out over the course of the weekend.

It was an action packed three days with tennis, pizza night, theatre night, lunches, dinners, much frivolity and more!! Below is a list of the weekend’s results:

Friday March 4             *Matches one 8 game set

 6pm Rob Jolly v Malcolm Rodgers 6/8

6.40pm Stuart Strange/Greg Reid v David Hay/Malcolm Rodgers 5/8

7.20pm Rob Jolly/Stuart Strange v Bruce Christie/Ian Chambers 8/6

8pm Stuart Strange v David Hay 8/2

8.40pm Greg Reid/Rob Jolly v Ian Chambers/Malcolm Rodgers 6/8

9.20pm Greg Reid v David Hay 8/4

Saturday March 5        *Matches one 6 game set

 10am Paul Scally/Matt Downey v Jo Edwards/Stuart Strange 6/4

10.30am Mike Carroll/Greg Reid v Stuart Strange/Jo Edwards 3/6

11am Calum Munro/Sam Bowman v Bruce Christie/Jasper Follows 6/3

11.30am Yvonne Rout/Matt Downey v Annie Strange/Jasper Follows 6/1

12pm Paul Scally/Mike Carroll v Will Hoskin/Bruce Christie 4/6

12.30pm Dave Cutler/Calum Munro v Jo Edwards/Bruce Christie 5/6

1pm Yvonne Rout/S Bowman v Annie Strange/Tanya Baker 3/6

1.30pm Dave Cutler v Tanya Baker 1/6

2pm Matt Downey/P Scally v Will Hoskin/B Christie 6/3

2.30pm Mike Carroll v Will Hoskin 1/6

3pm Greg Reid v Jo Edwards 6/5

3.30pm Calum Munro/Paul Scally v Laura LeMarshall/Stuart Strange 6/4

4pm Sam Bowman v Laura LeMarshall 2/6

4.30pm Yvonne Rout v Annie Strange 4/6

Sunday March 6           *Matches one 8 game set

10am Paul Scally/Yvonne Rout v David Hay/Jo Edwards 5/8

10.40am Greg Reid/Stuart Strange v Bruce Christie/Rod Unmack 6/8

11.20am Paul Scally/Stuart Strange v David Hay/Bruce Christie 8/4

12pm Yvonne Rout/Greg Reid v Rod Unmack/Jo Edwards 3/8

12.40pm Stuart Strange v Nathan Baker 8/4

1.20pm Yvonne Rout v Andrew Rowan 1/8

2pm Greg Reid v Nathan Baker 8/2

At the end of the weekend’s play, it was BTC who was victorious taking out the event 15 matches to 12. Many thanks go to all those that participated, our social committee for the wekend’s catering arrangements and especially to our MCC freinds that made the weekend so enjoyable……

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