Sunday May 27, 2012 saw an intrepid team from the Real Tennis arm of the Melbourne Cricket Club head to BTC for our annual inter-club event. Looking back on it now…it was a lovely day, the MCC guys were great fun, everyone enjoyed the tennis, the lunch was terrrific and the stage is now set for our return match at Romsey in November this year. The only OTHER thing that could be said about the day was…”shame about the scoreline!”

Now,  BTC has a sad history of under-performing in these inter-club events – but our latest MCC v BTC match now sets a new benchmark in this regard! Over the 10 matches played throughout the day, BTC managed to disgrace itself in all but two…and only scraped through by the barest of margins in those! Some blamed the MCC handicaps, some blamed the marker, others blamed their Saturday night…..but whatever the reason,  BTC went down badly – screaming like little children all the way!

The scene of the debacle

The scene of the debacle

For those of you that are sadistic enough to care, match results are listed below:

G Reid/P Scally def P Roberts/A Strange 8/2

M Carroll/I Bull def P Dunn/R Jolly 8/2

W Lorimer/P Scally def P Roberts/D Cinque 8/6

G Reid/I Bull def P Dunn/D Cinque 8/6

R Jolly/M Fenelon def P Scally/M Carroll 8/7

W Lorimer/G Reid def M Dunn/F Nolan 8/1

I Bull/P Scally def R Jolly/M Dunn 8/6

M Carroll/G Reid def P Dunn/J Edwards 8/6

R Jolly/J Edwards def W Lorimer/I Bull 8/7

M Carroll/W Lorimer def R Unmack/I Bull 8/5

Heaven help us in November!!!

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